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Seared Grouse,Balckberry & Honey & Thyme Tarte Tatin and Heather Ale shot,our Bird Season salad today

For the bird You will need:

A Grouse Breast ( one per serving)

Dry cured Streaky Bacon( One rasher per serving)

Sea salt flakes and freshly ground pepper

Organic Rapeseed oil

Heat up your pan hot, almost smoking but not quite, add oil,place the breast skin side down and count until 10, then turn and do the same. Turn again and season to taste, turn again and season the other side.( Do not season before searing ).

Grill the bacon until  almost crispy, and wrap around breast.

Place in tray in hot oven around a minute, take out and let rest for a little.This gives you time to plate and cook the other ingredients.

For the Blackberry Tart tatin you will need:

Puff pastry ( bought or you could make your own )


Lemon thyme

Honey of your liking

A muffin tin


Butter the insides of the muffin tin with butter, place the blackberries standing side to side, make sure they are quite compressed together. Add fresh thyme leaves, then add a spoon of honey and cover with a fitting round of puff pastry. Tuck all the sides of the pastry into the tin. Egg wash and bake for 20 minutes at 200 C ( Fan assisted oven) or 220C normal oven.

Let cool a bit, cover with flat tray and turn. This can be quite messy because it cooks very juicy. I like covering the tin with tight cling film , and then turning them.

Decorate with sprig of fresh thyme.

To serve:

Cook some kale& watercress in a pan with butter, sea salt, pepper and squeeze of lime.

It will be ready when it is wilted and soft , but with a bit of crunch. Squeeze the kale of its juices and make a rough ball.

Place on warm plate like a little ball, place the Grouse on it, garnish with some watercress,across it place the tatin and serve with a side dish of roasted beetroot wedges and roasted radishes, all seasoned well and a sprinkle of chives.

And do not forget the shot of Heather Ale to accompany the dish !

Copyright@Justlovefood Leith 2012



Salmon skin&heather Gem designed by Fashion designer Claudia Escobar for Poppy Appeal Scotland.

Auctioned at Jenners fashion Show 2011.

Sporran in Salmon skin,Deer Skin and Antler- made in Scotland 2011,Fashion Designer Claudia Escobar  for Tartan week By fashion designer Claudia Escobar-SKINI london 2003 cool fishing Recycled salmon skins by Fashion Designer Claudia Escobar 

Fish Skin Bikini


Inventor: Claudia Escobar, Skini

Leave it to the fashion world to make bikinis out of leather. But these sexy little swimsuits are cut from a material that’s more apropos for water wear than you might think: tanned, dyed salmon skin. Soft, smooth and lightweight, this particular form of “sea leather” has a natural elasticity that won’t sag after a dip. It also gets the green seal of approval; it’s made from commercial fish skins that usually get tossed or turned into chicken feed. The suits are part of a full line of fish-leather apparel (including jackets, skirts and sandals) introduced by a London company this year. And, you’ll be happy to learn, there’s no fishy smell.

Availability: Now, $335 and up
To Learn More:


Read more: Fish Skin Bikini – Best Inventions of 2003 – TIME,28804,1935038_1935059_1935119,00.html #ixzz2l2Yhdfjc

Shetland Smoked Salmon&Samphire&Herbs&Crowdie potato tatins, Duck egg & lime mayo, seasonal leaves, our fishy option today.


Smoked salmon slices


Chopped chives

Spring onion, sliced finely in diagonal

Parsley leaves( not chopped, but whole).

Waxy potatos simply boiled,peeled and crushed



Sea salt flakes

Freshly ground pepper


Line a muffin tin with butter

Cover with smoked salmon slices to the brim, add the potato mix( potato, all herbs, Crowdie cheese ,the samphireand season to taste).Overlap the ends of the salmon slices.

Top with a round of puffpastry ( you can make your own, but a ready made works as well).Make sure to tug in the ends of the pastry all around the edge of the tin

Egg wash it and bake at 220 C for 20 minutes.

Take out of oven and let rest a bit , like 5 minutes and then turn by placing a plate or board before turning so they do not crumble.

Serve with seasonal salad, a nice mayo of your liking and some Keta and wedge of lime or lemon.

We made a Samphire Butter with white balsamic and squeeze of one lime to go with it today:

Simmer in a pot the Samphire,some parsley stalks and coriander stalks with butter, freshly ground pepper, add just a splash of white balsamic,and squeeze of one lime and cook for about 5 to 7  minutes until tender, blitz and pass through a fine sieve, let cool and ready to serve.

Copyright@Justlovefood Leith 2012


Our aim is to cook Scottish food in a country style in the heart of Leith.We work with our suppliers to bring exceptional produce to your table in an informal setting. We would also like to thank our suppliers, which have supported us in our first weeks of trading. Thanks to Findlay's in Portobello for the best 20" Wild Boar chunky sausages, own dry cured bacon and the 12 Hour oak smoked pork. Lo Suntino's bakery for our daily handmade Artisan Breads. Ochil Farm for the best Game, Venison and Duck eggs @justlovefood for the freshest line caught fish Wendy for the nicest baked cakes THANKS If you are interested in Private catering or us Popping Up at any Event, just give us a call ! Thanks!