Alternative use to eating salmon skin

Salmon skin&heather Gem designed by Fashion designer Claudia Escobar for Poppy Appeal Scotland.

Auctioned at Jenners fashion Show 2011.

Sporran in Salmon skin,Deer Skin and Antler- made in Scotland 2011,Fashion Designer Claudia Escobar  for Tartan week By fashion designer Claudia Escobar-SKINI london 2003 cool fishing Recycled salmon skins by Fashion Designer Claudia Escobar 

Fish Skin Bikini


Inventor: Claudia Escobar, Skini

Leave it to the fashion world to make bikinis out of leather. But these sexy little swimsuits are cut from a material that’s more apropos for water wear than you might think: tanned, dyed salmon skin. Soft, smooth and lightweight, this particular form of “sea leather” has a natural elasticity that won’t sag after a dip. It also gets the green seal of approval; it’s made from commercial fish skins that usually get tossed or turned into chicken feed. The suits are part of a full line of fish-leather apparel (including jackets, skirts and sandals) introduced by a London company this year. And, you’ll be happy to learn, there’s no fishy smell.

Availability: Now, $335 and up
To Learn More:


Read more: Fish Skin Bikini – Best Inventions of 2003 – TIME,28804,1935038_1935059_1935119,00.html #ixzz2l2Yhdfjc


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