Justlovefood Leith ‏@Justlovefood Sunday soup:Hot smoked Hog&Oxtail,Chanterelle&Heather Ale Broth.Duck egg,truffle carpaccio,Spelt& Honey artisan bread. http://pic.twitter.com/FWMWx9uk

will be posting recipe soon ….! oh and photo if we can shoot a goodone !Thanks Heather

Recipe 4 to 5 servings

Heather Ale bottle

A whole oxtail

3 grouse breasts

300 grams of Chanterelles

Black truffle carpaccio

Duck eggs

Smoked Garlic


Bay leaves


Sea salt flakes

Bunch of Watercress

Bunch of Wild Rocket

Bunch of spring onion stalks

Plumed white onions ( 4 small ones)

Hog jellied stock ( you will get this jelly from the 12 Hour Oak smoked Pork, that was braised for 7 hours in Heather Ale,garlic, white onions,2 chiles,spring onion stalks, fennel seeds,Coriander seeds,peppercorns,bay leaves.Do Not add salt)

Cook it like this:

In hot pan with oil of your liking ( we used Scottish rapeseed oil), sear the ox tail pieces and season them well with salt and pepper.

In a pot, add oil, ground black pepper ,2 bay leaves, some thyme sprigs, smoked garlic and saute the plumed onions.Add the seared oxtail and the scraped grits from the pan( you should dilute this with boiling water).

Cover with cold water and bring to boiling temperature, once it is boiling, reduce gas and add the watercress, rocket and srping onion stalks, also add the Heather ale and a nip of good Cognac ( we used Courvoisier reserve). Simmer until the meat falls of the bone.-around after 4 to 5 hours.

Take out the meat and place in a different pot, where you will saute more plumed onions, and the Chanterelle mushrooms, with good seasoning.

Pass the stock from where you cooked the oxtail through fine sieve, and add it to your new pot with the chanterelles.

Add the Grouse cut in strips ( sear grouse breasts first in a pan and season)to the soup and also the Smoked gravy.

Simmer for 45mins or an hour,until grouse is tender

Serve in an old fashioned soup plate, top with a Poached Duck egg, truffle carpaccio and black pepper. Spelt &Honey bread slice and good butter.


Copyright@Justlovefood Leith 2012




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