SCOTTISH SEA URCHINS-Chowder-Ceviche-Deep Fried

SCOTTISH SEA URCHINS Three Ways-Chowder-Ceviche-Deep Fried

A family recipe adapted to Scotland’s Produce.

ALL INGREDIENTS, including measurements
·1Sea urchins in shell ( less than 12 hrs out of the water)1 per person.
·2 Fresh seaweed ( red lettuce,dulce or/and sea lettuce)
·3 Heather Ale ” Fraoch”
·4 Smoked chiles ( for making paste with extravirgin rapeseed oil)
·5 Maldon sea salt ( for grinding)
·6 Wild garlic ( stems, leaves and flowers )you could use dry as well
.7 unsalted butter ( one block)
.8 2 limes
.9 Shallots ( a handful )
.10 White peppercorns ( for grinding)
.11 250 ml of double cream
.12 Sunflower oil ( for deep frying )
.13 Extra virgin rapeseed oil ( for ceviche and chili oil drizzle paste)
.14 Spelt flour ( or plain flour for making batter )
.15 Oak chips ( for smoking in the wok)

METHOD:Preparation of sea urchins in shell
·7 -Open Sea urchins ( as you would a soft egg in shell) , drain in a container and reserve the juice , this juice will be your stock for chowder and ceviche.(use fine plastic sieve for this ).Ideally you will want to open all the shells in one go , and this will take around 20 mins.
– Remove the flesh from interior of shell , using a little bone spoon, carefully folowing the contours of the shell where the flesh is atached , so as not to break it.
Make sure there are no pieces of shell atached to the flesh.
Put the Flesh of sea urchin ( or Togues ) in a deep plate , making sure that they are covered in its own juice.
The seaurchin flesh is divided in 5 tongues , consider one tongue for the ceviche, one tongue for smoking, one for deep frying and the rest for the chowder .
·8 Ceviche
Make a salsa with chopped wild garlic ( chop by hand with sharp knife and use the stems and leaves) , freshly squeezed lime juice , freshly ground white peppercorns ,freshly ground sea salt , extra virgin rapeseed oil and some of the reserved sea urchin juice .( this juice will have to be sieved before using ).
Mix well in a ceramic container , add the sea urchin flesh , fold and leave to rest in the fridge for 5 to 10 mins.
use 100grms of chopped wild garlic to 100 ml of rapeseed oil to 80 ml of sea urchin juice , 50 ml of lemon juice , and salt and pepper to taste.
This will take around 10 minutes
serving :spoon one or two tongues on the plate and top with a spoonful of salsa , garnish with wildgarlic flower.
·9 Heather Ale beer batter deep fried
Pour in a bowl half a bottle of Heather ale , add pinch of sea salt , pinch of chopped wild garlic( you could add some wild garlic flowers to add texture to the batter ),pinch of smoked chili paste/oil.
Wisk in the flour, adding one spoonful of flour and whisking , then add the next , and so on , until you get a thick consistency of batter, with no clumps .
You want it not to be runny , but a slow batter.
Take the sea urchin tongues from the juice , pat them dry and sprinkle with sea salt , and put in the fridge for about 10 mins.( you will do this before preparing your batter , so that the flesh has time to firm up a little.)
Take them out of the fridge
Season the flesh with pepper and dust with flour ,dip them in the batter until completely covered and carefully drop in the hot oil ( 180oC), turn once or twice until golden and floating( 2 1/2 minutes ).
Drain and set on a plate covered with paper for draining excess oil and sprinkle with a little sea salt and pepper to mantain crispiness .
serving: Place one or two deep fried tongues on the plate , add squeeze of lime and garnish with some chopped wild garlic and chili oil .place on the side a leaf of red sea lettuce.

·10 Chowder
Slice the shallots finely (100 grms) ,sautee them in butter (100 grms) , medium heat , add pinch of salt , pinch of pepper , pinch of chopped wild garlic ,pinch of smoked chili paste.
When shallots are soft , add the rest of the sea urchins ( 400grms)and stir and mix for one minute , then add 200ml of the reserved sea urchin juice , cook for another 5 mins , add the smoked residual sea urchins ,add the double cream , stir , bring back to heat and serve .
Pour in an empty seaurchin shell ( you will rinse with cold water and let to air dry in the fridge, until ready for serving .
serving : set on the plate and garnish with red sea lettuce and wedges of lime to one side of the shell .The chowder will need a spoonful of salsa and a squeeze of lime , serve immediately .This should be the last step in plating the dish, just after deep frying .
We will hot smoke the chilis and sea urchin tongues in the wok , using oak chips.
The Chilis will need to be smoked the day before , it will take an hour to smoke them and then , they will need to be covered in sea salt in a plate and left over night in the fridge .
The sea urchins will need to be covered in sea salt to extract some of the moisture and firm the flesh , then left in the fridge for 30 mins.
Before smoking in the wok , shake all the salt from them.
The sea urchins will be smoked , aproximating the “cold smoking method ” , using a wok.
Wok preparation for smoking the chilis:
Cover the wok with a sheet of double strength tin foil , leaving extra tin foil for later placing a cover to make a complete seal.
Place in the center of the wok, the oak chips ( that have been soaked in water for aprox 10 minutes).Place the wok in high flame until it starts to smoke furiously , turn the heat down to medium heat and place tray with the chilis in the center of the tray or rack .
Cover with the tin foil cover , seal all the edges and smoke for one hour , after 10 minutes, turn the flame /heat to minimum.
Wok preparation for cold smoking the seaurchins:
Same as above, but place in the middle of the wok a tin or metal container ( this container will receive the juices of the sea urchins when being smoked, and this residue of smoked seaurchin will be added to the chowder ) .
Heat the wok in high heat until smoking furiously , take the wok off the heat and place the tray or rack with the sea urchin tongues in the middle of it , without touching, cover immediately with tin foil cover , seal and leave to cook in the smoke and residual heat for 5 minutes.
After , 5 mins, remove cover and let to cool on the rack , until ready to serve.
Seaweed :
On an uncovered pan , melt some butter , and sautee the sea lettuce and dulce until wilted ,add pinch of pepper , squeeze and mould as a base on the plate , where you will place the smoked sea urchin tongue.
serving :place on top wilted seaweed mould , garnish with wild garlic flower , drizzle chili oil and if you prefer , lime juice.

·12Chili paste/oil
In a mortar and pestle , smash the smoked chilis from the day before ( peel the skins off ) , with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil until it becomes a thick paste .
reserve this paste , and use one teaspoon of it to blend with the olive oil to make a chili oil for drizzling .

Total Prep Time: 2 hours and a half

Total Cooking Time:One hour and a half
The plate will be presented in a circular manner , a sea urchin shell with the chowder inside at 1oclock , at its side some neat wedges of lime to squeeze in chowder and over deep fried batter sea urchin or as the personal liking
, then at 7 oclock a ceviche sea urchin tongue , at 9 oclock the deep fired sea urchin tongue , at 11 oclock the smoked sea urchin tongue in bed of wilted seaweed .
The dish will be garnished with wild garlic flowers ( 3 ) , with red sea lettuce ( 3 ) , and drizzles of the ceviche salsa and with the smoked chili oil/paste .
The seaweed will act as a fresh salad from the sea .

Copyright@Justlovefood Leith 2012


Scottish Seaurchin in the Wild

1.bone spoon ( caviar spoon )
2.rack for smoking
3.Tin( for collecting sea urchin juices when smoking)


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