Kelp Dumplings&Partridge Soup

We are still in Partridge Season,so this soup will make the most of its lovely meat,

served with Kelp&Potato Dumplings.

I have posted photos of how to cook this soup and recipe.

Recipe for Kelp&Potato Dumplings


1/2 kg potato good for Mashing

300 grams Kelp ( you can get Fresh from the beach or Dry from a Chinese store)

1 Duck Egg

Sea salt

Freshly ground White Pepper

Spelt Flour or any flour-I like spelt flour because it is earthier tasting and healthy.

Peel,wash and cook Potatos. Mash them with some Butter and season.

When still very hot, add Duck egg and beat, add the chopped Kelp, season,then start adding the flour until you get a mash that is ok to mold with fingers.Make dumplings in the shape of a Quenelle or ball.

In a pan,boil  salty water and reduce to medium low heat,add your dumplings and take out once they are floating, set aside.

To serve,pan fry in a medium heat with oil, season,until golden and crispy.

For Partridge Soup


1 Partridge&gibblets per person

1 unpeeled carrot cut into chunks

3 bay leaves

Sprig of Thyme

Pinch of whole peppercorns

3 unpeeled  Whole shallots

Bunch of chives

Garlic Cloves Whole

Sea salt Flakes

Freshly ground pepper

Pinch of white pepper

1ltr good Chicken stock or veggie stock

Sear Partridge,Shallots,garlic Cloves and bay leaves in pan with oil,season well.

Place Partridge in Pot with all the ingredients and add stock, bring to boil and then simmer until tender, around 1 hour .

Remove Partridge&shallots from Pot, set aside.

Pass the stock through collander,reserve.

For serving soup

Place some Kelp in middle of plate, Dumplings around and the shallots&carrots

Place Partridge on top and finish with the stock.

Make sure it is very hot and you could always add some Chile for heat.


Copyright@Justlovefood Leith 2012



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