PICARONES / SQUASH Fritters in Molasses syrup

Traditonal Chilean Picarones recipe

Picarones Chilenos or Squash Fritters with a Sugar cane/Honey/Molasses syrup

 Ingredients for 10 Picarones or Squash Fritters
1 Cup (140 grams)of cooked&peeled  Squash/or Sweet Potato( boiled or oven roasted),passed through sieve.
2 Cups (280 grams ) of Spelt Flour (White Flour is the traditional alternative)
3 spoons of Sugar ( White or you can also use Brown/Demerara)
Pinch of Seasalt
1/2 Cup of Warm Organic full fat Milk ( Cow’s or Goat)
20 grams Fresh Yeast or 4grams of dried Yeast*In both type of yeast,Follow manufacturers instructions,this is very important,you want your yeast to work
Enough Oil for deep frying ( or you could also use Lard,tastier result and the traditional way of doing it )
For the syrup in Chile, we use Chancaca,but you can recreate the same flavour with the recipe bellow:
 Molasses Syrup:
1/2 Kilo Molasses
2 Cups of Water or enough to bring it to a syrupy consistency
4 Spoon fulls of Honey
3 Big orange Peels
Zest of 1lemon/Lime
1 clove
1 cinamon stick
Sprinkle of Nutmeg
* You could also add some nuts of your liking, I added some Walnuts today, and the flavour is quite deep & Nutty, obviously !
How to do it:
Cook the squash / sweet potato in water or in the oven until soft.If you want you can add some sugar to the cooking water / sprinkle on top of the roasting for extra Flavour.
Once ready,mash them really well and blend with Flour and Sugar.
Dissolve the yeast in the warm milk ( if using Fresh Yeast),add the salt and then add it all to the Squash mixture.
Blend well with a wooden spoon
You will want to have a sticky consistency.
Leave to rest for 1 Hour in a warm place.
Leave dough in container and beat with wooden spoon until soft and airy, around 5 mins.
The Beating  is up and around, you want the maximum of air in the dough.
If it is to sticky ,do not worry ,it will resemble a Doughnat dough.
Wet your hands,take a Golf ball size of dough and make a hole in the middle with your index fingers.
make sure your hands are wet, so that the dough will not stick to them
 Place softly in the Hot Oil or Lard ( 160C)Medium Heat

, let cook until golden and turn.

It is important to use medium heat so that they cook but not burn.
This will be around 2 minutes each side.
Drain in absorbent paper and reserve,keep warm.
 For the Molasses Syrup, place all ingredients in a pan,and let softly boil untill the molasses have melted and it reaches a syrupy consistency.
Some people add at the end, a bit of cornflour to thicken.
I prefer it without.
I like the way the Picarones soak in the syrup!
Place three Picarones in a deep Bowl and add the Molasses syrup to taste, a little drizzle or completely covered.
You can also garnish with candied Orange peel and some dark bitter chocolate shavings.
Will be doing this Picarones Tomorrow Sunday as a Treat for the Family.
This is a Winter dish,that we cook when it Rains non stop for at least a week !it is one of the anticipated pleasures of a Chilean Winter.
Traditonal Chilean Picarones recipe
Thanks to my mum !
Will post photos  soon

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