Mutton&Potato&Rosemary&Real Ale Scottish Stovies

I would like to share an Old Traditional Scottish Stovies recipe,handed down to me by another good friend,so here it is It is so good just as simple Stovies.

I made it some years ago in a Leith Pub I was working in,and customers loved it ! well so did I!!!

It is Delicious and so simple


1kg Mutton,diced into chunks and from the shoulder ideally.You want a mix of lean meat , some meat with fat and some with conective tissue( gelatinous finish when cooked) .

1kg of Lamb/Sheep bones,already cut in rings.Some to cook the meat with and enhance the flavour & Deliver Jelly ! Ask your butcher.I always use Mr. Findlay’s from Portobello for anything a bit different,and he always delivers.

1kg Potato ,Raw, peeled and sliced into rounds,not so thin, not so thick.  a waxy potato will do for this.You want them to retain their shape.

10  Rosemary Sprigs,freshly cut.You will only use the leaves,not the stems.

10 Big Garlic Cloves.Try to get them from a Speciality store

250 grams unsalted butter.

3 Big White cooking onions,sliced in Plume

5 fresh Bay leaves

2 Pints of beer,ideally Real Ale of your liking

2 nips cognac,make sure it is a really good one.

Pinch Of Nutmeg

Sea salt Flakes

Freshly ground White Pepper

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Oil for searing meat

Freshly Ground Pink Pepper to be used at end for a little sprinkle on top only.


In a pan sear meat in hot oil,season after searing.You want nice caramel colour searing in your chunks of mutton.set meat aside.

In the same pan where you seared your mutton,add some of the butter and saute your garlic,onions,Bay leaves and Rosemary,season with salt and pepper and Nutmeg.

Mix meat with onions mix.

In a tray in the oven,cook your bones with seasoning at 220 C until golden.

Always season your bones when roasting.

Place the Mutton&Onion mix in a deep pot, add the bones,put fire to max, and then add the Beer&Cognac. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for 2 hours.

In a big deep tray put some butter cubes on the bottom,add a layer of the raw potato slices.Then add layer of Mutton&onions mix, add another layer of potato,some more butter,some more mutton,then more potato.

Finish layering with Potato

In Between layers, add sprinkles of Fresh rosemary leaves.

Once you have finished layering the Stovies, pour the liquid left in the pot carefully, adjust seasoning,cover with tin foil and bake in oven at 180 C for 2 hours.

Uncover and and cook for a further 1 hour  or until golden

You want your Top layer to be Potato with a nice colour.

Let to rest a bit before serving.

Sprinkle the Pink pepper on top before serving

You could serve this Stovies with some local Steamed Kelp or seasonal veggies of your liking.

Seaweed goes so well with Mutton and Potato!

Enjoy !

Traditional Scottish Stovie Recipe


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