Marine soupTraditional Marine soup called Paila Marina

You can find this dish all along the Chilean coast,anytime any day.

It will vary depending on seasonality of seafood and location.

It will usually have also Goose Barnacles,and Piures(sea squirts or anemonas) as well as cholgas ( a white type of mussel,like a cross between a mussel and an oyster ! absolutely delicious,my favourite!)

It is a party of seafood,Fish and seaweeds cooked in a clay container and served from the oven or stove directly to you at the table.



Allow 5 units per person of the list below,because it is a Feast !

Spoots / Razor Clams







Crab Claws,2 per person

white crab meat,1/2 crab per person

Kelp,a handful per person,cut into fine strips(shredded).

Fish fillets,could be Hake,Bass or Conger eel. Make sure it is a fat fish ,you want to have really thick and meaty fillets.

Allow two per person

Homemade Fish Stock

White onions cut in plume,1/2 an onion per person

Peeled Boiled potatos,1 or two per person

Dry Oregano

Sea salt

Freshly ground pepper

Fresh coriander

1 whole Chile per person.Slice the Chile twice from top to bottom,so that it resembles a starfish,but it retains its shape.

Peeled tomato,1/4 tomato per serving


Saute onion in oil with dry oregano,salt and pepper and the peeled tomato on high heat until a bit soft

Add the prawns,cockles,mussels,scallops,oysters,clams and stir

Add one cup of boiling fish stock,reduce heat to medium and cook for 5 minutes.

Pour the contents carefully In a deep clay dish ,then add the Crab Claws&Crab meat and the fish fillets as well as the peeled boiled potato( make sure it is a hot potato), and the Kelp( cut into fine strips).

Place in a very hot oven(240C) until it bubbles,around 10 to 15 minutes

Take out, place on a plate and add freshly cut coriander and serve with wedges of lemon and a whole Chile.

It is very simple but delicious

Enjoy !!!

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