Newhaven Lobster&Chips with salt n’ sauce

Cartoon expressing the sentiment of having a Lobster Chippy in Leith.

Usually you will go for a chippy after having a beer or two and on your way home.

For those who not know the expression “lets go for a Chippy”, it means a piece of Deepfried Fish/Chicken/sausage/blackpudding and other Scottish delicacies served in a piece of paper,with chips( hand cut) salt and chippy sauce ( a secret blend of brown sauce, with vinegar, only to be found in Edinburgh).

The chippy lady will ask you …you want salt n’,sauce with that ?

Say ..YES …and you will taste heaven


Will post recipe tomorrow,very easy street food !


You will need per person:

1 whole Lobster tail

3 Potatos

Flour/cornflour,half and half


Chippy Sauce

  1. dangerousann said:

    Two of my favourite things, lobster and “chips.” Love it!

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