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We would like to invite you to participate in the EGG Award 2013, a community project to freely support local egg farmers and producers,through an egg recipe.

It is open to all who love to cook and further details can be found in the link above.


We are going to have lots of fun !Image

This is Sapone,my sisters chicken( he is now a big Hen that lays eggs everywhere !),on holiday on the beach…a true free and happy chicken 


Rosemary &Olive oil soft rolls

This rolls are a modified bread recipe that inspires in the Chilean pan Amasado and the Mapuche bread Tortillas de rescoldo cooked in ashes and sand.

Usually it is made using lard instead of olive oil and butter,and instead of rosemary ,it has pork crackling added to it.

It is also baked inside a very hot clay oven.


560g strong white bread flour

300ml tepid water

2 big glugs olive oil of your liking

3tbsp butter

3 pinch of fine sea salt

bunch of rosemary,chopped(2tbsp)

7 oz dry fast action yeast ( one sachet)

1 tsb caster sugar


Put flour in big bowl,add salt and mix

Put yeast with sugar in the 300 ml tepid water,and leave to activate for 15 minutes,or until frothy.

Heat up olive oil to warm  and then add the butter,take off heat and let the bitter melt,swirl the pan until fully disolved.

Make a well in the flour inside the bowl and add the tepid water with the yeast and then the butter&olive oil mix and the chopped rosemary.

Mix well with wooden spoon until it forms a ball coming that does not stick in the bowl.

Knead a bit in the bowl by softly punching and turning until you have a ball of dough and there is no dry flour left in the bowl.

Take the dough out of bowl and place on a lightly floured surface,knead for 10 minutes until smooth and shiny.

Place dough back into bowl that you have lightly oiled,and also lightly oil the top of the ball of dough.

Leave to rise for 1hour in a warm place covered with a clean tea towel.

After it has doubled in size,take out of bowl and knock back,meaning knead again until the dough makes a noise like pumping,this will be like 10 more minutes.

Then form a roll, like a long sausage roll, and cut in ten pieces.

Knead individually each piece of dough until it forms a perfectly smooth ball.

Using a rolling pin,roll the balls flat in rounded shapes of about 1/2 cm high and make three indentations with a fork on the surface ( this will allow steam to be released).

Leave to rise again for 10 to 15 minutes covered with a tea towel.

Heat up your oven to  220 C

Place the breads on top of a tray in the middle of oven and bake for around 40 to 45 minutes,until golden and the sides a bit darker and sound hollow when tapped in the bottom

Take out and let rest covered with a clean teatowel until warm.

eat !

You can also keep this bread for 3 days and eat toasted in the morning for breakfast.

I really wish that you will love this bread because it is delicious…nom…nom

Will be posting a photo next time I make some moreImage