Egg Award 2013 Inspiration &conclusion

Egg Award 2013 trophy

egg award 2013 cup in progress

Egg Award 2013 Winner @gansoIberico displaying their Goose Eggs at #millesimemadrid2013

egg award trophy2013 Thank you to all who participated in the Egg award 2013 ! Click on the link above to see the winning recipes and their fabulous prizes !

The Egg Award 2013 has become an international community project for the community and by the community,a place to share and exchange through an egg recipe that encourages the use of local eggs.

Its objective is to support and promote our local Egg farmers and producers and to highlight the difference in taste between Fresh,Country,Free Range and Organic eggs sourced directly from the grower as opposed to supermarket eggs.Sourcing local produce and knowing about provenance is important today and it does not cost more,as some might think.

It all started when we got a twitter message from @Croftorganiceggs , inviting us to meet up for coffee and discuss how we could help them sell their eggs in Edinburgh.

Obviously ,we are not a PR company or food supplier,but part of our ethos is about giving something back to the community.,so we agreed to meet,met had a chat about eggs and about their Farm and their ethos as farmers.

We came up with an idea of creating a competition that would encourage people to buy eggs locally,and the Egg Award 2013 was born.

Through  twitter, we made contact with our friends and others,and invited them to support and participate,and they all agreed and put forward some ideas to make this happen.

We also invited  @Fruitbatwalton to become the Egg Award internet Organizer/ Promoter,something he has done  exceptionally ,well because he is a really cool Jack Russell.

So the team for the egg Award 2013 was created,including Top Chefs who submitted cool egg recipes and Food critics.

as well as having the support of various companies and Artists who donated the prizes freely.


This project has now taken flight and it is all due to the freely donated time and effort from people that really care to make this a better place to live and eat.

It is fun and open to anyone who loves cooking,and we are getting entries from all over.It has also opened a space to exchange,promote,have a laugh and talk about eggs.

And it is Free !

So if you feel like joining in,please do,we are having a lot of funSapone pollo holiday at beach (1)Thanks to all and for all




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