Sea Urchin&Velvet swimmer crab&Rhubarb&cucumber

Sea urchin

Sea urchin and Velvelt swimmer crab with buttermilk&mint,cooked on embers with salted Rhubarb and cucumber

This was our participating dish cooked on fire  for @cannonball 2013

If you would like to participate,register below :

CANNONBALL 2014 – 100 best places to eat in the UK.

Our Participating dishes for Cannonball chef run 2014 :


Sea bass & Bream Livers& Samphire& pickled gooseberry,smoked with apple chips:


Hand dived King Scallops&Spoots&Oyster ceviche with Lobster cooked on volcanic stones and @Exmoor caviar

Check out this amazing video of the Scottish run ,sublime experience,humbling and highlight of our culinary journey , enjoy because we did !


Sea Urchins 3 per person ( this quantity will vary, depending on the season.Sometimes the roe will be fuller and then you will need less.We used more roe because it was smaller but also full of flavor)

Sea urchin shell,emptied and cleaned

Velvet swimmer crabs 1/2 per person

Buttermilk 1 tablespoon

Mint 1 big leaf per urchin,finely shredded

Chives a pinch,finely shredded

Sea salt 2 pinches

Freshly ground black pepper 1 pinch

Freshly grated Horseradish,1 pinch

1 micro Chile for heat


Rhubarb thinly sliced ( use a thin and small and tender stalk )

Cucumber cut into tiny cubes ( ideally a tender one,scoop all seeds and use the skin too)

Lime,squeeze of 1 lime

Sea salt 1 pinch


1 bag charcoal

1 oak log


Break the shells from Sea urchins (top side) with a knife as you would a soft egg.

Carefully remove the top shell,drain the juice of the sea urchin passing it through a colander.

Remove the sea urchin roe with a bone spoon,and reserve in their own juice.

This juice is very important to use for flavor.

Make sure that there are no traces of shell or membrane attached to your roes.

Wash the shells making sure you remove all traces of  membrane. This will be the dish where you will cook the roes later.

Drain them and reserve in the fridge.

Boil sea water and quickly place your crabs inside pot and cover with lid.

Crabs should be made sleepy by placing them in ice,so that they do not suffer so much.

Cook for 10 minutes,take out of pot and clean.

This crabs are full of the most delicious white meat in the center of their bodies and the claws.

Dice cucumber,slice Rhubarb and place in container,add a pinch of good sea salt and squeeze of lime,mix and reserve. Leave to marinade for at least 1 Hour.

Start your fire,do not use any chemicals like petrol or others,just sticks,twigs, newspaper to start it.

Add the charcoal and when it is flaming add your oak log.

Wait until it is covered in white ash to cook your Sea urchins.

Add a pinch of sea salt inside shell,then add crab,season,add sea urchin roes with some of their own juice,season,add herbs,add buttermilk,add herbs and season.

Place on rack on fire and cook for 10 minutes until bubbling away.

You can also place them on tray and cover with tin foil to make for higher temperature.

Garnish/Season  with the cucumber&Rhubarb topping and a sprinkle of freshly grated horseradish

They are ready to eat !


Barbecued radishes with sea salt and drizzle of star anise infused rapeseed oil

Barbecued cucumbers slices with roasted garlic, greek basil leaf,sea salt and rapeseed oil

Any artisan bread, we made sea salt focaccia warmed on the fire.


Hebridean sea salt @hebseasalt

rapeseed oil @Starkproduce

Sea urchins and crabs supplied by David,who is our local Lobster fisherman in New haven Harbour in Edinburgh.

Cucumber and basil @ClydeValleyToms

Bread @Justlovefoodleith

Micro Chiles @The Filling Place in Easter Road,Edinburgh

  1. dangerousann said:

    All I can say is wow! Now to find sea urchin…

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