The New World Rediscovered – Food expedition 2014/2015

The New World Rediscovered – Food expedition 2014

A journey of rediscovery,that will take us, from the driest desert in the world, Atacama Desert to the wildest forests and seas in Tierra del Fuego and beyond.

A journey that is emotional to its core, reviving remembered produce in a symphony of flavors,textures,colors,environments,smells and feelings.

Outrageous in its search,delivery and presentation.

Humble in its desire to share with the world’s Kitchen


Cooking wild on fire

Start 3 January 2014

End 28 February 2018

Journey in construction……….

Location : Chile

Sponsors and collaborators welcome and encouraged to share in this food expedition to end of the World :

-We thank @sousvidetools for their support and the smoking gun that is coming with us.

The UK’s only supplier of both home and Professional Modernist Culinary Equipment. Exclusive importer of Polyscience, SousVide Supreme, Vac-Star & Taurus.

Lancaster Tel:- 0800 678 5001 ·

-We welcome and introduce our Poet in residence Lynn Gerrard , @LynnGerrard

Lover of horror and all things Weird, Wonderful, Gruesome and Grotesque. …

A Cathedral spire near you ·

Welcome to our food photographer Rena Sieveking !

ImageContact :


Claudia Escobar

@Justlovefood Leith


Sample dishes for our tasting menu with produce from the coast-Pacifico Sur

lapa marina al vapor 2013

Steamed Key hole Limpet in own broth,with pickled sea weeds

piure ceviche

Piure Ceviche with indigenous corn and garlic flowers

Kopiw ,fruit of Copihue,south Chile

Kopiw is the fruit of the flower called Copihue. Found in the southern indigenous woods of Chile.

It is subtly sweet with a hint of acidity,and it is best eaten as it comes.


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