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Sea urchin

Sea urchin and Velvelt swimmer crab with buttermilk&mint,cooked on embers with salted Rhubarb and cucumber

This was our participating dish cooked on fire  for @cannonball 2013

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CANNONBALL 2014 – 100 best places to eat in the UK.

Our Participating dishes for Cannonball chef run 2014 :


Sea bass & Bream Livers& Samphire& pickled gooseberry,smoked with apple chips:


Hand dived King Scallops&Spoots&Oyster ceviche with Lobster cooked on volcanic stones and @Exmoor caviar

Check out this amazing video of the Scottish run ,sublime experience,humbling and highlight of our culinary journey , enjoy because we did !


Sea Urchins 3 per person ( this quantity will vary, depending on the season.Sometimes the roe will be fuller and then you will need less.We used more roe because it was smaller but also full of flavor)

Sea urchin shell,emptied and cleaned

Velvet swimmer crabs 1/2 per person

Buttermilk 1 tablespoon

Mint 1 big leaf per urchin,finely shredded

Chives a pinch,finely shredded

Sea salt 2 pinches

Freshly ground black pepper 1 pinch

Freshly grated Horseradish,1 pinch

1 micro Chile for heat


Rhubarb thinly sliced ( use a thin and small and tender stalk )

Cucumber cut into tiny cubes ( ideally a tender one,scoop all seeds and use the skin too)

Lime,squeeze of 1 lime

Sea salt 1 pinch


1 bag charcoal

1 oak log


Break the shells from Sea urchins (top side) with a knife as you would a soft egg.

Carefully remove the top shell,drain the juice of the sea urchin passing it through a colander.

Remove the sea urchin roe with a bone spoon,and reserve in their own juice.

This juice is very important to use for flavor.

Make sure that there are no traces of shell or membrane attached to your roes.

Wash the shells making sure you remove all traces of  membrane. This will be the dish where you will cook the roes later.

Drain them and reserve in the fridge.

Boil sea water and quickly place your crabs inside pot and cover with lid.

Crabs should be made sleepy by placing them in ice,so that they do not suffer so much.

Cook for 10 minutes,take out of pot and clean.

This crabs are full of the most delicious white meat in the center of their bodies and the claws.

Dice cucumber,slice Rhubarb and place in container,add a pinch of good sea salt and squeeze of lime,mix and reserve. Leave to marinade for at least 1 Hour.

Start your fire,do not use any chemicals like petrol or others,just sticks,twigs, newspaper to start it.

Add the charcoal and when it is flaming add your oak log.

Wait until it is covered in white ash to cook your Sea urchins.

Add a pinch of sea salt inside shell,then add crab,season,add sea urchin roes with some of their own juice,season,add herbs,add buttermilk,add herbs and season.

Place on rack on fire and cook for 10 minutes until bubbling away.

You can also place them on tray and cover with tin foil to make for higher temperature.

Garnish/Season  with the cucumber&Rhubarb topping and a sprinkle of freshly grated horseradish

They are ready to eat !


Barbecued radishes with sea salt and drizzle of star anise infused rapeseed oil

Barbecued cucumbers slices with roasted garlic, greek basil leaf,sea salt and rapeseed oil

Any artisan bread, we made sea salt focaccia warmed on the fire.


Hebridean sea salt @hebseasalt

rapeseed oil @Starkproduce

Sea urchins and crabs supplied by David,who is our local Lobster fisherman in New haven Harbour in Edinburgh.

Cucumber and basil @ClydeValleyToms

Bread @Justlovefoodleith

Micro Chiles @The Filling Place in Easter Road,Edinburgh

cartoon by @Justlovefood,Leith 2012
EMPANADAS are the best street food to come out of Chile and so versatile.
Traditionally eaten for Independence day and Week ends,when usually the start of the meal will begin with an Empanda cooked in a Clay Oven.
You can fill them with whatever you fancy, from Beef to Seafood or Veggies.
This recipe calls for Scottish Venison or Scottish Beef
For the Filling you will need:
1 kg  Venison( 700 grams Venison / 300 grams Minced Pork Collar).You can get the venison from your local butcher,or Topside or Sirloin,chopped by hand to a chunky mince.
2  Onions chopped in little cubes( 2 Big White Cooking Onion,around 2 cups)
2 Garlic cloves,chopped finely
4 Spoons of Oil( rapeseed oil)
Raisins,but for Venison use dry Cherries or Cranberries( soaked in Whisky ! obviously !), this will give it a bit of sweetness.
1 cup of good Beef stock or Venison stock- Make your stock with pure Beer or if using ready made, dissolve it in warm beer,a great option is Innis & Gunn Original Oak Aged Beer.
1 tea spoon Marmite
1tea spoon ground cumin
4 Bay leaves
Pinch of Nutmeg
1 teaspoon oregano or marjoram( Dry)
1 teaspoon of Chile Powder
1 tea spoon of Paprika
1 teaspoon Sea salt
Freshly ground pepper to taste
Kalamata Olives( One per Empanada, and remove the stone)
6 Hard Boiled Eggs( Ideally Duck eggs, I just Love them ! ).
1 Egg for egg wash
2 Nips single malt
Soak the Dry Cherries in a bit of boiling water with the single malt until they plump up.( around 1 Hour).
In the meantime prepare the meat and the rest of the ingredients.
Finely dice the Venison/beef meat and mix with the minced Pork.
Fry the meat in oil and all the seasoning,( pepper, salt, Bay leaves,Cumin, Oregano,Paprika, Chile Powder,pinch of nutmeg )when brown add the onion and garlic and continue frying until onion turns translucent.
Add the stock and the reserved water from the soaked cherries, also add the marmite and  English Mustard, stir, bring to boil.
Reduce heat and cook for about three hours in simmer mode or the lowest heat.
Add the cherries, stir and take off heat.
When cool, place in airtight container in fridge,reserve until next day.
It is very important to do the filling the day before, in this way all the flavours mature and become so much tastier.
Next day…….
Prepare the dough
Boil the eggs,peel and cut in two halves ( one half egg per Empanada)
Prepare the olives ( One Olive per Empanada )

Ingredients for the Dough
1 kilo Plain Flour
1 Spoon full of Baking Powder
1 tea spoon Hebridean Sea salt
200 grams Lard ( from Pig)
1 teaspoon Butter ( Just makes it nicer ! )
1cup of Milk
1/4 cup of Innis & Gunn Original Oak Aged Beer – Beer for dissolving the salt.
1 tbsp cornflour
To make the dough, place the flour on a kneading surface in a pile and make a hole in the middle, like making a Volcano crater.This crater is to pour later all the rest of the ingredients.
Mix beer and salt and bring to boil in small pot.At the same time, melt the lard in a different pot in slow heat.When both are hot, pour in crater of flour and mix well,then add the milk and knead softly with your hands until smooth and blended.
You want a soft and not sticky dough.
Let rest for 1/2 Hour
Using a rolling pin, roll dough  enough to divide in two.In this way it is easier to roll and then cut your Rounds about 2 to 3 cm in thickness and around 20 cm in Diameter.
Once you have all your dough rounds, spread all of them on floured surface. Start placing a heaped soup spoon of filling in middle of each round, the half of boiled Egg and one Olive.
If you really like Olives like I do, use two ! or three !
Wet the outer dough circle ends with warm water, fold and press to close.
Once the circle is closed, wet sides and fold over towards center.
You are trying to make a square shape out of a circle.
Then wet the bottom and fold towards the center, in between the side folds.
Or you could do a Triangle shape.Triangle shapes are used to indicate that the Empanada is extra hot !
 Brush the Empanadas with Egg wash or warm Milk, pinch with a cocktail stick 2 or 3 times and place in buttered and floured tray. Cook in moderate heat ,oven( 200C) for about 40 minutes, until golden and crisp !
Serve on its own or with a nice Hot salsa or Pebre on the side and a nice Glass of Cider – we would drink Chicha in Chile, but a good strong Apple cider will do just Fine !
Well now  I am absolutely drooling !
meeting tomorrow to develop this recipe commercially !
cross fingers it all goes well
Thanks for Reading this traditional Adopted Scottish recipe.
Big Thanks to my Mum, sister and Nanny Eliana !
Copyright@Justlovefood Leith
Adapted family recipe to Scottish inspiration

@Justlovefood Leith MENU

Thor my son and a poor shark caught in a Market in Chile,Valparaiso.

The shark was landed and eaten whole by the local Fishermen.Thor and Shark


Seaweed & Conch Broth

Oak Smoked Pulled Venison & Wild Seasonal Trimmings

Drunken Cake & Cream

Seaweed Choc’s & Wild Tea

Copyright@Justlovefood Leith 2012


Will Post description of Menu and Location as soon as, and start taking bookings.

Thank you!

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will be posting recipe soon ….! oh and photo if we can shoot a goodone !Thanks Heather

Recipe 4 to 5 servings

Heather Ale bottle

A whole oxtail

3 grouse breasts

300 grams of Chanterelles

Black truffle carpaccio

Duck eggs

Smoked Garlic


Bay leaves


Sea salt flakes

Bunch of Watercress

Bunch of Wild Rocket

Bunch of spring onion stalks

Plumed white onions ( 4 small ones)

Hog jellied stock ( you will get this jelly from the 12 Hour Oak smoked Pork, that was braised for 7 hours in Heather Ale,garlic, white onions,2 chiles,spring onion stalks, fennel seeds,Coriander seeds,peppercorns,bay leaves.Do Not add salt)

Cook it like this:

In hot pan with oil of your liking ( we used Scottish rapeseed oil), sear the ox tail pieces and season them well with salt and pepper.

In a pot, add oil, ground black pepper ,2 bay leaves, some thyme sprigs, smoked garlic and saute the plumed onions.Add the seared oxtail and the scraped grits from the pan( you should dilute this with boiling water).

Cover with cold water and bring to boiling temperature, once it is boiling, reduce gas and add the watercress, rocket and srping onion stalks, also add the Heather ale and a nip of good Cognac ( we used Courvoisier reserve). Simmer until the meat falls of the bone.-around after 4 to 5 hours.

Take out the meat and place in a different pot, where you will saute more plumed onions, and the Chanterelle mushrooms, with good seasoning.

Pass the stock from where you cooked the oxtail through fine sieve, and add it to your new pot with the chanterelles.

Add the Grouse cut in strips ( sear grouse breasts first in a pan and season)to the soup and also the Smoked gravy.

Simmer for 45mins or an hour,until grouse is tender

Serve in an old fashioned soup plate, top with a Poached Duck egg, truffle carpaccio and black pepper. Spelt &Honey bread slice and good butter.


Copyright@Justlovefood Leith 2012



Shetland Smoked Salmon&Samphire&Herbs&Crowdie potato tatins, Duck egg & lime mayo, seasonal leaves, our fishy option today.


Smoked salmon slices


Chopped chives

Spring onion, sliced finely in diagonal

Parsley leaves( not chopped, but whole).

Waxy potatos simply boiled,peeled and crushed



Sea salt flakes

Freshly ground pepper


Line a muffin tin with butter

Cover with smoked salmon slices to the brim, add the potato mix( potato, all herbs, Crowdie cheese ,the samphireand season to taste).Overlap the ends of the salmon slices.

Top with a round of puffpastry ( you can make your own, but a ready made works as well).Make sure to tug in the ends of the pastry all around the edge of the tin

Egg wash it and bake at 220 C for 20 minutes.

Take out of oven and let rest a bit , like 5 minutes and then turn by placing a plate or board before turning so they do not crumble.

Serve with seasonal salad, a nice mayo of your liking and some Keta and wedge of lime or lemon.

We made a Samphire Butter with white balsamic and squeeze of one lime to go with it today:

Simmer in a pot the Samphire,some parsley stalks and coriander stalks with butter, freshly ground pepper, add just a splash of white balsamic,and squeeze of one lime and cook for about 5 to 7  minutes until tender, blitz and pass through a fine sieve, let cool and ready to serve.

Copyright@Justlovefood Leith 2012