Sea urchin

Sea urchin and Velvelt swimmer crab with buttermilk&mint,cooked on embers with salted Rhubarb and cucumber

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Sea bass & Bream Livers& Samphire& pickled gooseberry,smoked with apple chips:


Hand dived King Scallops&Spoots&Oyster ceviche with Lobster cooked on volcanic stones and @Exmoor caviar

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Sea Urchins 3 per person ( this quantity will vary, depending on the season.Sometimes the roe will be fuller and then you will need less.We used more roe because it was smaller but also full of flavor)

Sea urchin shell,emptied and cleaned

Velvet swimmer crabs 1/2 per person

Buttermilk 1 tablespoon

Mint 1 big leaf per urchin,finely shredded

Chives a pinch,finely shredded

Sea salt 2 pinches

Freshly ground black pepper 1 pinch

Freshly grated Horseradish,1 pinch

1 micro Chile for heat


Rhubarb thinly sliced ( use a thin and small and tender stalk )

Cucumber cut into tiny cubes ( ideally a tender one,scoop all seeds and use the skin too)

Lime,squeeze of 1 lime

Sea salt 1 pinch


1 bag charcoal

1 oak log


Break the shells from Sea urchins (top side) with a knife as you would a soft egg.

Carefully remove the top shell,drain the juice of the sea urchin passing it through a colander.

Remove the sea urchin roe with a bone spoon,and reserve in their own juice.

This juice is very important to use for flavor.

Make sure that there are no traces of shell or membrane attached to your roes.

Wash the shells making sure you remove all traces of  membrane. This will be the dish where you will cook the roes later.

Drain them and reserve in the fridge.

Boil sea water and quickly place your crabs inside pot and cover with lid.

Crabs should be made sleepy by placing them in ice,so that they do not suffer so much.

Cook for 10 minutes,take out of pot and clean.

This crabs are full of the most delicious white meat in the center of their bodies and the claws.

Dice cucumber,slice Rhubarb and place in container,add a pinch of good sea salt and squeeze of lime,mix and reserve. Leave to marinade for at least 1 Hour.

Start your fire,do not use any chemicals like petrol or others,just sticks,twigs, newspaper to start it.

Add the charcoal and when it is flaming add your oak log.

Wait until it is covered in white ash to cook your Sea urchins.

Add a pinch of sea salt inside shell,then add crab,season,add sea urchin roes with some of their own juice,season,add herbs,add buttermilk,add herbs and season.

Place on rack on fire and cook for 10 minutes until bubbling away.

You can also place them on tray and cover with tin foil to make for higher temperature.

Garnish/Season  with the cucumber&Rhubarb topping and a sprinkle of freshly grated horseradish

They are ready to eat !


Barbecued radishes with sea salt and drizzle of star anise infused rapeseed oil

Barbecued cucumbers slices with roasted garlic, greek basil leaf,sea salt and rapeseed oil

Any artisan bread, we made sea salt focaccia warmed on the fire.


Hebridean sea salt @hebseasalt

rapeseed oil @Starkproduce

Sea urchins and crabs supplied by David,who is our local Lobster fisherman in New haven Harbour in Edinburgh.

Cucumber and basil @ClydeValleyToms

Bread @Justlovefoodleith

Micro Chiles @The Filling Place in Easter Road,Edinburgh


Marine soupTraditional Marine soup called Paila Marina

You can find this dish all along the Chilean coast,anytime any day.

It will vary depending on seasonality of seafood and location.

It will usually have also Goose Barnacles,and Piures(sea squirts or anemonas) as well as cholgas ( a white type of mussel,like a cross between a mussel and an oyster ! absolutely delicious,my favourite!)

It is a party of seafood,Fish and seaweeds cooked in a clay container and served from the oven or stove directly to you at the table.



Allow 5 units per person of the list below,because it is a Feast !

Spoots / Razor Clams







Crab Claws,2 per person

white crab meat,1/2 crab per person

Kelp,a handful per person,cut into fine strips(shredded).

Fish fillets,could be Hake,Bass or Conger eel. Make sure it is a fat fish ,you want to have really thick and meaty fillets.

Allow two per person

Homemade Fish Stock

White onions cut in plume,1/2 an onion per person

Peeled Boiled potatos,1 or two per person

Dry Oregano

Sea salt

Freshly ground pepper

Fresh coriander

1 whole Chile per person.Slice the Chile twice from top to bottom,so that it resembles a starfish,but it retains its shape.

Peeled tomato,1/4 tomato per serving


Saute onion in oil with dry oregano,salt and pepper and the peeled tomato on high heat until a bit soft

Add the prawns,cockles,mussels,scallops,oysters,clams and stir

Add one cup of boiling fish stock,reduce heat to medium and cook for 5 minutes.

Pour the contents carefully In a deep clay dish ,then add the Crab Claws&Crab meat and the fish fillets as well as the peeled boiled potato( make sure it is a hot potato), and the Kelp( cut into fine strips).

Place in a very hot oven(240C) until it bubbles,around 10 to 15 minutes

Take out, place on a plate and add freshly cut coriander and serve with wedges of lemon and a whole Chile.

It is very simple but delicious

Enjoy !!!

SCOTTISH SEA URCHINS Three Ways-Chowder-Ceviche-Deep Fried

A family recipe adapted to Scotland’s Produce.

ALL INGREDIENTS, including measurements
·1Sea urchins in shell ( less than 12 hrs out of the water)1 per person.
·2 Fresh seaweed ( red lettuce,dulce or/and sea lettuce)
·3 Heather Ale ” Fraoch”
·4 Smoked chiles ( for making paste with extravirgin rapeseed oil)
·5 Maldon sea salt ( for grinding)
·6 Wild garlic ( stems, leaves and flowers )you could use dry as well
.7 unsalted butter ( one block)
.8 2 limes
.9 Shallots ( a handful )
.10 White peppercorns ( for grinding)
.11 250 ml of double cream
.12 Sunflower oil ( for deep frying )
.13 Extra virgin rapeseed oil ( for ceviche and chili oil drizzle paste)
.14 Spelt flour ( or plain flour for making batter )
.15 Oak chips ( for smoking in the wok)

METHOD:Preparation of sea urchins in shell
·7 -Open Sea urchins ( as you would a soft egg in shell) , drain in a container and reserve the juice , this juice will be your stock for chowder and ceviche.(use fine plastic sieve for this ).Ideally you will want to open all the shells in one go , and this will take around 20 mins.
– Remove the flesh from interior of shell , using a little bone spoon, carefully folowing the contours of the shell where the flesh is atached , so as not to break it.
Make sure there are no pieces of shell atached to the flesh.
Put the Flesh of sea urchin ( or Togues ) in a deep plate , making sure that they are covered in its own juice.
The seaurchin flesh is divided in 5 tongues , consider one tongue for the ceviche, one tongue for smoking, one for deep frying and the rest for the chowder .
·8 Ceviche
Make a salsa with chopped wild garlic ( chop by hand with sharp knife and use the stems and leaves) , freshly squeezed lime juice , freshly ground white peppercorns ,freshly ground sea salt , extra virgin rapeseed oil and some of the reserved sea urchin juice .( this juice will have to be sieved before using ).
Mix well in a ceramic container , add the sea urchin flesh , fold and leave to rest in the fridge for 5 to 10 mins.
use 100grms of chopped wild garlic to 100 ml of rapeseed oil to 80 ml of sea urchin juice , 50 ml of lemon juice , and salt and pepper to taste.
This will take around 10 minutes
serving :spoon one or two tongues on the plate and top with a spoonful of salsa , garnish with wildgarlic flower.
·9 Heather Ale beer batter deep fried
Pour in a bowl half a bottle of Heather ale , add pinch of sea salt , pinch of chopped wild garlic( you could add some wild garlic flowers to add texture to the batter ),pinch of smoked chili paste/oil.
Wisk in the flour, adding one spoonful of flour and whisking , then add the next , and so on , until you get a thick consistency of batter, with no clumps .
You want it not to be runny , but a slow batter.
Take the sea urchin tongues from the juice , pat them dry and sprinkle with sea salt , and put in the fridge for about 10 mins.( you will do this before preparing your batter , so that the flesh has time to firm up a little.)
Take them out of the fridge
Season the flesh with pepper and dust with flour ,dip them in the batter until completely covered and carefully drop in the hot oil ( 180oC), turn once or twice until golden and floating( 2 1/2 minutes ).
Drain and set on a plate covered with paper for draining excess oil and sprinkle with a little sea salt and pepper to mantain crispiness .
serving: Place one or two deep fried tongues on the plate , add squeeze of lime and garnish with some chopped wild garlic and chili oil .place on the side a leaf of red sea lettuce.

·10 Chowder
Slice the shallots finely (100 grms) ,sautee them in butter (100 grms) , medium heat , add pinch of salt , pinch of pepper , pinch of chopped wild garlic ,pinch of smoked chili paste.
When shallots are soft , add the rest of the sea urchins ( 400grms)and stir and mix for one minute , then add 200ml of the reserved sea urchin juice , cook for another 5 mins , add the smoked residual sea urchins ,add the double cream , stir , bring back to heat and serve .
Pour in an empty seaurchin shell ( you will rinse with cold water and let to air dry in the fridge, until ready for serving .
serving : set on the plate and garnish with red sea lettuce and wedges of lime to one side of the shell .The chowder will need a spoonful of salsa and a squeeze of lime , serve immediately .This should be the last step in plating the dish, just after deep frying .
We will hot smoke the chilis and sea urchin tongues in the wok , using oak chips.
The Chilis will need to be smoked the day before , it will take an hour to smoke them and then , they will need to be covered in sea salt in a plate and left over night in the fridge .
The sea urchins will need to be covered in sea salt to extract some of the moisture and firm the flesh , then left in the fridge for 30 mins.
Before smoking in the wok , shake all the salt from them.
The sea urchins will be smoked , aproximating the “cold smoking method ” , using a wok.
Wok preparation for smoking the chilis:
Cover the wok with a sheet of double strength tin foil , leaving extra tin foil for later placing a cover to make a complete seal.
Place in the center of the wok, the oak chips ( that have been soaked in water for aprox 10 minutes).Place the wok in high flame until it starts to smoke furiously , turn the heat down to medium heat and place tray with the chilis in the center of the tray or rack .
Cover with the tin foil cover , seal all the edges and smoke for one hour , after 10 minutes, turn the flame /heat to minimum.
Wok preparation for cold smoking the seaurchins:
Same as above, but place in the middle of the wok a tin or metal container ( this container will receive the juices of the sea urchins when being smoked, and this residue of smoked seaurchin will be added to the chowder ) .
Heat the wok in high heat until smoking furiously , take the wok off the heat and place the tray or rack with the sea urchin tongues in the middle of it , without touching, cover immediately with tin foil cover , seal and leave to cook in the smoke and residual heat for 5 minutes.
After , 5 mins, remove cover and let to cool on the rack , until ready to serve.
Seaweed :
On an uncovered pan , melt some butter , and sautee the sea lettuce and dulce until wilted ,add pinch of pepper , squeeze and mould as a base on the plate , where you will place the smoked sea urchin tongue.
serving :place on top wilted seaweed mould , garnish with wild garlic flower , drizzle chili oil and if you prefer , lime juice.

·12Chili paste/oil
In a mortar and pestle , smash the smoked chilis from the day before ( peel the skins off ) , with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil until it becomes a thick paste .
reserve this paste , and use one teaspoon of it to blend with the olive oil to make a chili oil for drizzling .

Total Prep Time: 2 hours and a half

Total Cooking Time:One hour and a half
The plate will be presented in a circular manner , a sea urchin shell with the chowder inside at 1oclock , at its side some neat wedges of lime to squeeze in chowder and over deep fried batter sea urchin or as the personal liking
, then at 7 oclock a ceviche sea urchin tongue , at 9 oclock the deep fired sea urchin tongue , at 11 oclock the smoked sea urchin tongue in bed of wilted seaweed .
The dish will be garnished with wild garlic flowers ( 3 ) , with red sea lettuce ( 3 ) , and drizzles of the ceviche salsa and with the smoked chili oil/paste .
The seaweed will act as a fresh salad from the sea .

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Scottish Seaurchin in the Wild

1.bone spoon ( caviar spoon )
2.rack for smoking
3.Tin( for collecting sea urchin juices when smoking)

Scallop&gutweed ceviche,coral&duck egg emulsion,popped corn,sweet potato fondant for Friday!

We are ordering some Scottish Scallops  for the week end’s menu.

Will be posting recipe soon as well as photos.

Have a look at this delicious seaweed which turns really good as ceviche ( marinated in lime, garlic, seasalt and pepper).

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Scottish seaweeds