Wild Birds

We are still in Partridge Season,so this soup will make the most of its lovely meat,

served with Kelp&Potato Dumplings.

I have posted photos of how to cook this soup and recipe.

Recipe for Kelp&Potato Dumplings


1/2 kg potato good for Mashing

300 grams Kelp ( you can get Fresh from the beach or Dry from a Chinese store)

1 Duck Egg

Sea salt

Freshly ground White Pepper

Spelt Flour or any flour-I like spelt flour because it is earthier tasting and healthy.

Peel,wash and cook Potatos. Mash them with some Butter and season.

When still very hot, add Duck egg and beat, add the chopped Kelp, season,then start adding the flour until you get a mash that is ok to mold with fingers.Make dumplings in the shape of a Quenelle or ball.

In a pan,boil  salty water and reduce to medium low heat,add your dumplings and take out once they are floating, set aside.

To serve,pan fry in a medium heat with oil, season,until golden and crispy.

For Partridge Soup


1 Partridge&gibblets per person

1 unpeeled carrot cut into chunks

3 bay leaves

Sprig of Thyme

Pinch of whole peppercorns

3 unpeeled  Whole shallots

Bunch of chives

Garlic Cloves Whole

Sea salt Flakes

Freshly ground pepper

Pinch of white pepper

1ltr good Chicken stock or veggie stock

Sear Partridge,Shallots,garlic Cloves and bay leaves in pan with oil,season well.

Place Partridge in Pot with all the ingredients and add stock, bring to boil and then simmer until tender, around 1 hour .

Remove Partridge&shallots from Pot, set aside.

Pass the stock through collander,reserve.

For serving soup

Place some Kelp in middle of plate, Dumplings around and the shallots&carrots

Place Partridge on top and finish with the stock.

Make sure it is very hot and you could always add some Chile for heat.


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Whole Roast Partridge,Liver&Heart&Gizzard stuffed Neck Skin Sausage,Butter&Pink Pepper&Brain Crouton,our Special Tonight for Friends at Home

Will post Photos and recipe as soon as I finish plucking !

The sausage recipe is from my Grandmother Shindla, she used to make this sausages with Chicken, but I have adapted it to suit Partridge or any other Bird.

I grew up eating Game.We would go on Hunting trips with my Father and bring back loads of different wild birds.We would then sit around a fire and pluck , Pluck , and Pluck.

My favourite bit was always the Brains ! spread on toast with some butter and pepper.

For the recipe tonight, I will do them as chunky sauce to spread on Spelt&Honey Ironed croutons…cannot wait , it is so GOOD!!!!!

  RECIPE             Whole roasted partridge with neck sausage & brains
You will need a Whole Partridge per person with giblets and feet /Head on.
You can ask your supplier for this,we get ours from Ochil Farm in Perth.You can have them delivered half plucked.
Pluck the rest of feathers,wash the bird under cold water,specially the cavity and dry well with paper.
Season birds with sea salt,freshly ground pepper, some thyme and Garlic,inside and out.
Add a splash of rapeseed oil to all the seasoning so it is like a dry/oily rub.
Feet On
I left the feet on because when cooking, it looks nicer,The legs kind of rest on the plate, instead of going up open.
Get a Clay pot if you have one, if not a semi deep tray will do.
Cut some onions in rounds, some carrots in sticks( do not peel carrots,1/2 carrot per bird),some bay leaves(3 bay leaves per bird),a pinch of coriander seeds,you could also use some fennel seeds,two sticks of cinnamon,whole shallots in their skin( around 3 per person),some whole peppercorns.
This will be the base where to place your Partridges for roasting.
Place them on tray and add around a whole Plum per person, set aside.
Neck sausage
You will need the skin of the neck.Cut as close as the breast and as close as the head.Remove the neck bone( this bone you can add to the roasting tray for extra flavour).Peel the head completely, season and add to the tray.
With the Heart, Liver,Gizzard( remember to clean the Gizzard of the seeds inside, and remove the membrane),make the stuffing.
Chop them coarsely, add 1 finely chopped Shallot&clove of Garlic, some white pepper,Black pepper and sea salt.
Saute the shallots& garlic until Translucent and mix with raw Gibblets.
Stuff the neck skin with this mixture,tuck the ends in and place in your roasting tray.
My Grandmother used to do this sausages, but she would Blanche them first,let cool, then pan fry them and slice for soup.
I did them roasted, tasted really nice , but maybe a bit to cooked, so you might want to add them to the tray around 10 minutes into cooking, this would also apply for the head, you want them to be cooked, soft and creamy.
Seaweed Bed
You will need any Kelp Strips.I used dehydrated Kelp, soaked them in boiling water for 10 minutes,drained and served as a base for the birds.Did not season, but you could season with some sea salt and squeeze of lime.
You can get them from Speciality stores or a Chinese Shop, or get your own from the beach.
Cook the partridges at 220C( convection oven), for 20 minutes.or until juices run clear just.
Place sausage and Head in Tray after 10 minutes cooking.
Place seaweed on Plate, Partridge on Top, Roasted Plum to one side, carrots,peel the shallots before plating.
Cut the head from the beak backwards, to expose the brains.This you can either remove and place on a little fried Spelt& Honey Crouton(or any artisan bread of your liking), or serve whole on the plate for people to remove themselves.
Slice the sausage in rounds and plate as you like.( You will get around five slices ).
Drizzle with the juices left in the tray and enjoy !
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Seared Grouse,Balckberry & Honey & Thyme Tarte Tatin and Heather Ale shot,our Bird Season salad today

For the bird You will need:

A Grouse Breast ( one per serving)

Dry cured Streaky Bacon( One rasher per serving)

Sea salt flakes and freshly ground pepper

Organic Rapeseed oil

Heat up your pan hot, almost smoking but not quite, add oil,place the breast skin side down and count until 10, then turn and do the same. Turn again and season to taste, turn again and season the other side.( Do not season before searing ).

Grill the bacon until  almost crispy, and wrap around breast.

Place in tray in hot oven around a minute, take out and let rest for a little.This gives you time to plate and cook the other ingredients.

For the Blackberry Tart tatin you will need:

Puff pastry ( bought or you could make your own )


Lemon thyme

Honey of your liking

A muffin tin


Butter the insides of the muffin tin with butter, place the blackberries standing side to side, make sure they are quite compressed together. Add fresh thyme leaves, then add a spoon of honey and cover with a fitting round of puff pastry. Tuck all the sides of the pastry into the tin. Egg wash and bake for 20 minutes at 200 C ( Fan assisted oven) or 220C normal oven.

Let cool a bit, cover with flat tray and turn. This can be quite messy because it cooks very juicy. I like covering the tin with tight cling film , and then turning them.

Decorate with sprig of fresh thyme.

To serve:

Cook some kale& watercress in a pan with butter, sea salt, pepper and squeeze of lime.

It will be ready when it is wilted and soft , but with a bit of crunch. Squeeze the kale of its juices and make a rough ball.

Place on warm plate like a little ball, place the Grouse on it, garnish with some watercress,across it place the tatin and serve with a side dish of roasted beetroot wedges and roasted radishes, all seasoned well and a sprinkle of chives.

And do not forget the shot of Heather Ale to accompany the dish !

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