beetroot&chocolate pearPoached pear in beetroot juice with some Elderflower cordial and chocolate


20 pears,peeled only ( leave in the core,it adds flavor and it cooks better)

1 ltr freshly pressed beetroot juice/make sure the beetroots are young and tender

500 ml Elderflower juice / 250 ml Elderflower cordial

caster Sugar to taste

300 ml double cream

300 grms cooking chocolate minimum 70%


Peel Pears with pairing knife making sure you peel all of the skin,place pears in water with lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt.

Place Beetrot juice,Elderflower juice and sugar in wide pot,place Pears all standing side by side( to achieve standing pears,slice the bottom flat).

Bring to a medium heat boil,then simmer until if Pear is pressed with fingertip, it gives a little and feels soft,do not over cook.

Once cooked,take out of pot and leave to cool completely,then cover and refrigerate.

Bring the juice in the pot to a boil, reduce heat, simmer until reduced to a light syrup.

Chocolate Ganache

Bring double cream almost to a boil and simmer for some minutes, do not allow to boil,use a low heat for achieving this.

Place chocolate in glass heat proof bowl, add the double cream in stream and beat it in with the chocolate,do not stop beating until it cools a bit,looks thick and shiny.


Place pear in plate,pour the syrup.

Quenelle or spoon your chocolate Ganache on top of Pear and serve.

Great flavor of the beetroot pairs really well with the chocolate and the sweet syrup.



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