The Egg Award 2013Ash Knot piece of wood in Lochgilphead at the Eco yoga centre.

It will be transformed into an object of beauty to become the Egg Award 2013.

It is drying in the workshop and was kindly donated by the centre to the Egg award 2013.

will keep you posted with process,how #eggciting


We would like to invite you to participate in the EGG Award 2013, a community project to freely support local egg farmers and producers,through an egg recipe.

It is open to all who love to cook and further details can be found in the link above.


We are going to have lots of fun !Image

This is Sapone,my sisters chicken( he is now a big Hen that lays eggs everywhere !),on holiday on the beach…a true free and happy chicken 

Rosemary &Olive oil soft rolls

This rolls are a modified bread recipe that inspires in the Chilean pan Amasado and the Mapuche bread Tortillas de rescoldo cooked in ashes and sand.

Usually it is made using lard instead of olive oil and butter,and instead of rosemary ,it has pork crackling added to it.

It is also baked inside a very hot clay oven.


560g strong white bread flour

300ml tepid water

2 big glugs olive oil of your liking

3tbsp butter

3 pinch of fine sea salt

bunch of rosemary,chopped(2tbsp)

7 oz dry fast action yeast ( one sachet)

1 tsb caster sugar


Put flour in big bowl,add salt and mix

Put yeast with sugar in the 300 ml tepid water,and leave to activate for 15 minutes,or until frothy.

Heat up olive oil to warm  and then add the butter,take off heat and let the bitter melt,swirl the pan until fully disolved.

Make a well in the flour inside the bowl and add the tepid water with the yeast and then the butter&olive oil mix and the chopped rosemary.

Mix well with wooden spoon until it forms a ball coming that does not stick in the bowl.

Knead a bit in the bowl by softly punching and turning until you have a ball of dough and there is no dry flour left in the bowl.

Take the dough out of bowl and place on a lightly floured surface,knead for 10 minutes until smooth and shiny.

Place dough back into bowl that you have lightly oiled,and also lightly oil the top of the ball of dough.

Leave to rise for 1hour in a warm place covered with a clean tea towel.

After it has doubled in size,take out of bowl and knock back,meaning knead again until the dough makes a noise like pumping,this will be like 10 more minutes.

Then form a roll, like a long sausage roll, and cut in ten pieces.

Knead individually each piece of dough until it forms a perfectly smooth ball.

Using a rolling pin,roll the balls flat in rounded shapes of about 1/2 cm high and make three indentations with a fork on the surface ( this will allow steam to be released).

Leave to rise again for 10 to 15 minutes covered with a tea towel.

Heat up your oven to  220 C

Place the breads on top of a tray in the middle of oven and bake for around 40 to 45 minutes,until golden and the sides a bit darker and sound hollow when tapped in the bottom

Take out and let rest covered with a clean teatowel until warm.

eat !

You can also keep this bread for 3 days and eat toasted in the morning for breakfast.

I really wish that you will love this bread because it is delicious…nom…nom

Will be posting a photo next time I make some moreImage

This is our participating recipe for the #nohorsemeat recipe book by The Fife Diet,we hope you like it,very simple and great combination of flavours,unusual but yummy

@Justlovefood ,February 17, 2013 at 00:46

#nonhorsemeat recipe for 4 under a £5 locally sourced in Leith

Cold Ox Liver &Artichokes &Wild Garlic Bulbs Salad for March


Ox liver,trimmed – You can get this ox liver from Andersons Butchers in Leith,the offal comes in every Thursday,but you can always order it in advance.
price £1.50 for a Kilo

1 or 2 Big Green Globe Artichoke
Artichokes are at their peak season In March,you can still get them all year round though.Ask your local veggie supplier , a good bet is Tattie Shaws on Leith Walk.
If you have a friend with an allotment you could always ask for one or barter
price £1 to £1,50 each max

Leafy seasonal greens,it could be anything from baby Spinach,Kale,Cabbages,Watercress, rocket as long as it is shredded finely and eaten raw.
And do not worry if the greens are too crunchy,once you have tossed them into the dressing they will become softer and nicer to eat.
price £1 for a bunch or unit

Wild Garlic bulbs
You can get this from the water of Leith making sure that you pick in various places to allow them to grow.
price £ 0 for 100 grams

For the Marinade
A good Cold pressed Rapeseed oil 120ml
A vintage Balsamic or a Vinegar of your choice 40ml
White wine vinegar 20ml
Sea salt to taste
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
Toasted sesame oil
Fennel seeds crushed&toasted a bit , a spoonful
Fresh chopped parsley ,like half a bunch
In a Bowl mix all the ingredients above and reserve.

Breadcrumbs,you can do this from stale bread by cooking in oven to toast and then blend in blender

Cooking Instructions

Heat a pan to smoking, add a gulp of rapeseed oil ,swirl pan and pan fry the livers for about 1 minute each side,turn and season with salt and pepper.
Ideally you want to cook them medium rare,but you can cook them rare or super cooked,it is personal taste.
The more you cook liver, the tougher it will become.
Leave to rest in a tray.

Boil water in a pot with salt, half a lemon and a splash of white vinegar .When boiling add your artichokes in,cook for about 15 minutes, you want them still crunchy.
Take out,drain in a colander and add to bowl with iced water to refresh and stop the cooking process and keep the green nice colour.

With a spoon take the artichoke meat from the tip of the leaves and reserve.
Mix this meat with the breadcrumbs,sea salt a dash of oil some chopped wild garlic green tops and pan fry till golden.(this will intensify the Artichoke flavour).
Clean the artichoke hearts / Bottoms from the little spiny leaves in the center ,slice and marinade for 30 minutes.(you want to get around 6 slices per heart).

Wild Garlic Bulbs
Clean and wash from soil,place in baking tray with sea salt a bit of oil and bake until soft.and a bit charred take out reserve.
I f you want them more crunchy and pungent, just blowtorch until charred.

To serve

Slice the livers in fine strips
Mix your greens with the marinade

In a deep bowl add your dressed greens,the artichoke slices,the roasted wild garlic bulbs and the Liver, sprinkle the artichoke crumble

Serve with a nice Artisan bread and a good craft beer of your choice

Enjoy !Image

Smoked eel carpaccio-recipe coming soon and photos too

This recipe works really well with a see through cut cold smoked oily fish such as eel.For the smoking you could use dry seaweed,oak chips or even a blend of teas.

We will be using Dry Oregano.

The Red Watercress you can get it from @WestlandsWow or a herb producer.If you cannot find it, use purple or normal green.

Watercress adds such a fresh and peppery taste, I love it.

to be continued…. need to go and cook this . Will be posting full recipe and photos soon

Thanks x

Cartoon expressing the sentiment of having a Lobster Chippy in Leith.

Usually you will go for a chippy after having a beer or two and on your way home.

For those who not know the expression “lets go for a Chippy”, it means a piece of Deepfried Fish/Chicken/sausage/blackpudding and other Scottish delicacies served in a piece of paper,with chips( hand cut) salt and chippy sauce ( a secret blend of brown sauce, with vinegar, only to be found in Edinburgh).

The chippy lady will ask you …you want salt n’,sauce with that ?

Say ..YES …and you will taste heaven


Will post recipe tomorrow,very easy street food !


You will need per person:

1 whole Lobster tail

3 Potatos

Flour/cornflour,half and half


Chippy Sauce

Marine soupTraditional Marine soup called Paila Marina

You can find this dish all along the Chilean coast,anytime any day.

It will vary depending on seasonality of seafood and location.

It will usually have also Goose Barnacles,and Piures(sea squirts or anemonas) as well as cholgas ( a white type of mussel,like a cross between a mussel and an oyster ! absolutely delicious,my favourite!)

It is a party of seafood,Fish and seaweeds cooked in a clay container and served from the oven or stove directly to you at the table.



Allow 5 units per person of the list below,because it is a Feast !

Spoots / Razor Clams







Crab Claws,2 per person

white crab meat,1/2 crab per person

Kelp,a handful per person,cut into fine strips(shredded).

Fish fillets,could be Hake,Bass or Conger eel. Make sure it is a fat fish ,you want to have really thick and meaty fillets.

Allow two per person

Homemade Fish Stock

White onions cut in plume,1/2 an onion per person

Peeled Boiled potatos,1 or two per person

Dry Oregano

Sea salt

Freshly ground pepper

Fresh coriander

1 whole Chile per person.Slice the Chile twice from top to bottom,so that it resembles a starfish,but it retains its shape.

Peeled tomato,1/4 tomato per serving


Saute onion in oil with dry oregano,salt and pepper and the peeled tomato on high heat until a bit soft

Add the prawns,cockles,mussels,scallops,oysters,clams and stir

Add one cup of boiling fish stock,reduce heat to medium and cook for 5 minutes.

Pour the contents carefully In a deep clay dish ,then add the Crab Claws&Crab meat and the fish fillets as well as the peeled boiled potato( make sure it is a hot potato), and the Kelp( cut into fine strips).

Place in a very hot oven(240C) until it bubbles,around 10 to 15 minutes

Take out, place on a plate and add freshly cut coriander and serve with wedges of lemon and a whole Chile.

It is very simple but delicious

Enjoy !!!