Kelp salad

Steamed Kelp with Coriander,rapeseed oil, squeeze of lime,sea salt flakes and freshly ground pepper.Goes really well with Fish,Seafood,Wild Birds or on its own !

It should be one of your three a week Seaweed intake.

Will be posting Seaweed recipes soon !



This space will be dedicated to Produce,Recipes and Flavours that I grew up on.They come from South America,Chile.

I will try to recreate them with British Produce and lets see what happens

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will



Extract of Finding out ! Cross fingers !

Open BIG Mussels,stuff with Chorizo &pickled mushroom,close it back again,pass a wire around it,seal,cook in Wwine&Garlic&Shallots,for 5 min

@Justlovefood Should of seen the size of the ones I found diving today! Will post pics in a few days. A good 3- 4 inches long and fat!

@MusselShack , That is like almost 10 cms ! yes please ! 🙂

Found some huge mussels today, put them on a full sized dinner plate to give you a sense of scale. The combined weight of 8 mussels was 1kg!! They’re going to live at Falmouth’s Aquarium

  1. That kelp salad looks fun! What sort of flavour does kelp have….salty? And the mussels look excellent.

    • Hi,the kelp is not salty but rather sweet after taste,you can source it yourself from the beach,just research what type grows locally to you,and cut it finely and steam it until soft but still al dente.Other source is go to your local chinese supermarket and get kelp,rehidrate it in boiling water for 10 mins,and then dress as salad.The mussels are from @TheMusselShack down south and order some.The idea of using the wire is to close again the mussel after you have stuffed them, it really works and looks stunning at the table,remember to supply pliers, good luck and Thanks ! 🙂

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