Prietas con Nuez/Blood Sausage with walnuts and smoked Chile

Prietas con Nuez
The secret of a good Prieta is in the treatment of the Onion,it needs to be finely chopped and then leave to rest in granulated sugar and salt for at least 6 hours.
After the time, wash with cold running water,and then compress the onion against the sieve to take out all of the water.This action is called Amortiguada.
Also in the Blood, you want to use fresh blood ideally and not dry. They should include peeled Walnuts,ideally new or green walnuts,but if you cannot get them,less than one year old walnuts will do.
You must peel them.
Some Chiles(ground),sea salt,Oregano(Dry),crushed garlic,cumin(Dry and ground) and black pepper.(Ground)

The Chiles ideally should be dry,smoked and then crushed with cumin seeds and sea salt,and roasted in a metal plate.You could use a Wok. We use Merken and it is just great !

The ideal length should be around 50 cms.Once they cook in the stock, they will shrink a bit. Also it is a great touch to cook it in a Ham stock, with pepper, sea salt, Bay leaf,onion,a couple of cloves and carrot,if you want some celery too.

In the old times or even now,Prietas was something that was made only when a Pig was butchered for the Family,for a barbecue. They would choose the pig,and then make a cut in his neck to allow the blood to flow into a container. Once the container had the blood,they added all of the spices as well as the onion,plus the peeled walnuts or rice.
With this mix, they would fill the tripas/Long intestine of the Pig/Pig casings,which they had previously washed in cold water with salt.
Fill the casings like if you where doing sausage,twist every 50 cms,and tie with thread. and so on.
Ideally you want thick casings from a Pig to withstand the cooking and filling,sausage casings will not work at all,they will split..

When ready, cook in the stock for about 30 minutes,let to cool and then for serving,either pan fry them until you get a slight crunchy crust all over,or barbecue them in charcoal.

1 kg fresh pigs blood
2 big White or Spanish onions( around 300 grams)
250 grams peeled walnuts
2 tsp black pepper
3 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp Chile powder mix
1 tsp oregano
5 crushed and mashed Garlic cloves-It has to be real garlic,like country French or from @Markthegarlic You could also use smoked Garlic or even Black garlic or half and Half

Sea salt to taste
Mix well,taste, adjust Seasoning to your liking,you could also add some cinnamon if you wish.
Fill your casings like sausage,turning them every 50 cms and tying them with thread,thick white butchering one.Do not cut the thread,just tie,let hang till the next Prieta knot,tie and so on,Until you finish,then make a big Knot to secure .
Make a stock with a Hand of pig ( Pernil),some big onion with some cloves stuck to it,bay leaf,peppercorns,chunky carrots,celery,some wine would be nice,Red obviously.
Make the stock,cook until Ham is off the bone,cool down. When it is cool or even cold, add the Prietas,bring to boil and immediately turn to simmer for around 30 minutes.

Pan fry the Prietas on both sides until lightly charred and crunchy. Serve ideally with a Chile mash Potato. When you cut the Prieta,it will flow out like lava,blend with the mash and you will be in heaven. Enjoy Prieta con PureI have added this photo as an example of how they should look.from (resource)


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